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striderbeloved sent:

So I was looking through my tag and I still love those pictures of stridercest that you tagged me in and ahh. Thank you

ah you’re welcome
you were like our first follower so we wanted to be nice and sorry for the really really late reply, i was talking to Grace about the blog and we decided to start doing it again haha

Hey guys, we’ve been away for a real long time. But now we’re back and we’ll try to post more cosplays and some tutorials and other things, it’ll be real cool I promise.

Ritsu Sohma - Yuki Christy
Kisa Sohma - 七月六日
Hiro Sohma - Shouneny Dameni
Momoji Sohma - Kinoko Yurimy
Kagura Sohma - Wing Py
Ayame Sohma - Reina L. Cheng
Shigure Sohma - Alfred XiaoLay
Kyo Sohma - Katsuki Wind
Tohru Honda - Angie0_0
Yuki Sohma - Ojiru
Hatori Sohma - Yone Saizho
Isuzu Sohma - Mai Hiroko
Hatsuharu Sohma - Takayuki Yew
Kureno Sohma - Alistair Lim
Akito Sohma - Akane 

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Fruits Basket maybe :3?

Whoa, sorry I took so long to reply, I just noticed this message. But I’ll post some right now (*´・v・)


…I’m so alone.

Noiz | Aoba’s Shoes | Photog

I finally sat down to edit this shoot and couldn’t not do these pictures first.








'conventions are for no-lives and losers'

more in video (x)

home depot

bless u pyramid head

What do you do in real life? Do you bring any skills from your job or hobbies into cosplay, or vice versa? 

Queadlunn is an IT technician with a background in general tinkering and self-taught prop making.

Cata does data support for a company that provides licensing for child care providers and has a background in theatre production (set design and prop making) and stage management.